Maximum Hydration Method – Day 1 – Clay Rinse Tutorial

Hello Curlies,

To naturally enhance my curls, I decided to start the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM) so that my hair isn’t only moisturized but hydrated too. When your hair is hydrated, your natural curls are visible from root to end product free. I’m never fully sold on anything until I try it myself, so the hesitation was there even though I saw nothing but positive results. That’s the pessimist in me.

The original plan was to do a 7 day challenge, before installing the Marley hair, but things never turn out the way you plan. Or is that just me? I ended up running out of the Aztec clay on day 1, but not before seeing a little hydration. After purchasing some Now European Clay (don’t really like), the process got easier each time though because my hair easily detangled when water hit it. I was pleased with the results after my first twist out so I had to keep going, completing it a total of 4 times.

Maximum Hydration Method (MHM)

It’s funny how store bought gel never worked for me, but my Gel Me is doing something special to my twist-outs. I guess I do know what I like. Instead of wearing a wash & go, I made medium size two strand twists and pinned. Even though my hair wasn’t fully dry, I was definitely pleased with the results.

Many of the mixtures are diy (do it yourself). I washed & reused an empty 32oz bottle for the clay, and a color applicator for the conditioner mix, or you can use an empty 8oz bottle. I started off using Cantu’s Hydrating Conditioner instead of the Kinky Curly Knot Today which the method calls for, because I was being cheap. It worked, but the Kinky has the slip and detangles along the way. I’m not a fan of wasting money so I’ll probably use the Cantu during step 2 – the Cowash/Deep Conditioner stage, and the Kinky for stage 4. The stages are as follows:

Clarify with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse or Baking Soda
Cowash & Finger Detangle – Deep Conditioner
Clay rinse (Bonus Video Below)
Leave In Conditioner
Apply Gel

To prepare for bed, I used the pineapple method, and for the first time and my hair didn’t totally suck the next day (Day 1, top row, before & after picture). The Day 2 picture was taken just before I started the MHM for the 3rd time; she’s transforming before my eyes. The last picture (bottom, right) was taken after my 4th Maximum Hydration Method. I made sure she was dry before I took those twists out, I was speaking that day! Can you believe that I only used Gel Me after applying the leave in for all of these styles? Wow!

Maximum Hydration Method 3/2015

I’m so grateful that I came across this method, and that someone took the time out to test and share it with the world. This is exactly how I’ll wash my hair in the future. I didn’t do the Cherry Lola Caramel treatment the first time, but it’ll be perfect for when I remove my Marley hair. Yes, I installed the hair, no I didn’t make a video (lo siento). Ironically, I thought the ACV rinses were drying my hair out, but come to find out I just wasn’t using enough. During each step, the main focus is saturating your hair with the product (ie ACV, Conditioner, Clay.)

For a more in depth description of this method, click link below:

You should feel free to make this method yours…Take charge of your hair…Until next time…..Shauntay

Originally posted on March 3/1/2015

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