How to Get Rid of Grey Hairs!

Hello My Curlies,

Now, you guys know how much I’ve been complaining about these gray hairs poking out throughout my head. As I searched for pictures showing my grays, I noticed I used hair accessories, flat twist, and styled the front differently to hide them.  The bottom picture is the clearest.  I’ve applied Henna to my hair about four or five times so far, and my grays are pretty much highlights now! 🙌🏾. That’s a score for me because I’ve always wanted highlights but wasn’t willing to put chemicals in my hair.

My Henna routine consists of:

  • Mixing the Henna (Brown with Rose, or Burgundy with Oudh), coconut milk, hot water, and some oil; let it sit for up to 4 hours depending on time restraints.
  • I apply the Henna to dry hair from root to end in sections.
  • Then, I sit under my Heautiful Hair Steamer for a 20 minute cycle.
  • Sometimes, I also sit for an hour with a shower cap on my head.
  • Rinse out Henna in shower (very messy)
  • Cowash with a cheap conditioner 2 or 3 times.  Once a month, I start with shampooing before using the conditioner.
  • Deep condition with Steamer again
  • Rinse out & apply Leave In conditioner
  • Style using Moisturize Me

I absolutely love Henna in my hair.  I get the best of both worlds with color and moisturizing.

After Henna Application

I am LOVING the color because I always wanted to be a red or burgundy head, and now I am!! The above picture was taken after my 1st or 2nd application.  I’m so grateful it worked the first time.  I’m completely in love.

I chose the Burgundy Henna because it gives me a deeper red in the sunshine.   That Henna is shining through and the grays are pretty much non existent!!  Thanks Henna for the natural color, and conditioning my hair at the same time.

Greys are highlights now!

Until next time my fellow hair lovers, let’s have happy, healthy hair…Shauntay

Note: The Henna was purchased at my local Pakistani market.  Originally posted 8/24/16

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