Growth after Marley Braids

Hello Curlies,

I’m 9 weeks post surgery and need to take my Marley braids out.  As you can see I have a lot of new growth after installing this hair on February 19th.  It was supposed to be in preparation for my surgery but as you know the surgery was postponed, then 3 more weeks went by.  I’m quickly approaching 3 months and feel strong enough to take it out.  I took my aunt’s out the other day and she has a lot of new growth also.  The process proved to be very easy, and here is  a link showing how to take out the crochet braids.

Installing Crochet Marley Hair

This is by far the best protective style in my opinion.  I’m still getting compliments.  I don’t know if I will do my whole head again because it’s about to be swimming season, and after the swim my hair has to be washed.  Once I remove the hair, the plan is to apply a DIY protein treatment, and then start the maximum hydration method (mhm).  However, I HAVE to make a batch of Moisturize Me before I take my hair out; I’m all out!  This has never happened since I made my first batch last year.  I’ll also make a large batch of Gel Me to complete the mhm.  Yeah, this weekend I’ll be mixing and I’m so excited!

Growth After Crocheted Marley Hair

Throughout these 3 months I used my conditioner mix,  Moisturize Me, and Grow Me (Oil) to replenish and nourish my hair at least 4 times a week.  I have so much new growth that I have to wear a headband or scarf to cover it.  It looks like my wig has been pushed back, lol.  More importantly, I was able to try out my products on a long term basis.  I brushed out and re-twisted my hair quite a bit of times, switching from large, medium to mini twists.  I used a ‘weave’ brush (large/wide flat brush with plastic bristles).  I apologize I don’t know the correct name of the brush but growing up, that’s what it was called or known as.  Until next time……Shauntay

Note:  The conditioner mix is a mixture of Kinky Curly Knot Today – 1-2 oz, 5-7 drops of Peppermint & Tea Tree oil, finishing with 4-6 oz of distilled water.  This works wonders on my scalp that use to itch peel, and burn.  Originally posted on 5/6/15

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