How Butter Me Protects My Skin

Greetings my Sun, Moon, & Stars,

Since I moved to the west coast, I found out the hard way that I must use my body butter at ALL times being that I’m in the water & sun more often.  Aqua therapy is my favorite & imperative for my back recovery; even though it may never be the same again, all my doctors say water exercises are best, so I listen. Unfortunately, I forgot to protect my skin one day and paid for it dearly. Thank God it didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t believe I got burnt. During class, I was facing the sun and afterwards my back faced it for about 20 minutes, lesson learned!!

Before & After Sun Burn using Butter Me!

I immediately started applying the body butter twice a day to moisturize my skin and on July 26, 2016 (10 days later) I took the above picture.  My skin is back and smooth again to the touch!

Butter Me, a body butter with a Natural SPF was created to counteract the anticipated dry skin side affects of Accutane. The drug dries out all of your oil glands in your body, and may leave you with dry patches.  However, to my surprise, I never encountered any dry patches after being on the meds for 6 months.   My body butter worked!

Butter Me (1oz & 2oz) Travel Sizes

Normally, the butters are sold in jars, but because the climate is constantly warmer, I had to adjust and take the on-the-go person into consideration.  If your skin is lacking moisture, going to be in the sun, and you want to protect your skin naturally, then you’ll need to try a travel size of Butter Me!! Order a 1 or 2oz bottle now: Naturals By Shauntay

Until next time guys, please love & protect your skin naturally…..Shauntay
Originally posted 7/30/16

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