Does Butter Me Work?

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In this day and age, people want to see results and this post allows you to see it for yourself.  As previously mentioned, I’ve been using Butter Me which is a body butter from the Naturals By Shauntay product line for over a year.  Note: This is the only moisturizer I use on my skin after bathing with black soap.

In May, I burned my hand in the toaster oven, and was left with this mark.  Yesterday, I noticed my mark isn’t so noticeable.

My burn make is gone using Butter Me!

I was on Accutane for 6 months which took my acne away, but I was left with some dark scars on my face & throughout my body.  If you have eczema, then Butter Me may be for you too.  This amazing body butter made with cocoa butter will leave your skin smooth and clear removing blemishes.  And, it smells good too!  : )

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Originally posted on 8/31/15

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