Food, Hair, and Super Bowl

Hello Curlies & Non Curlies,

Yesterday, I spent the day with mi madre (my mom), mi sobrino (my nephew), and mi tia (my aunt); I love Sundays that include family, food, fun, and football!  I made mom some infused detox water which is spring water with slices of lemon, lime, cucumbers, and mint leaves for the week.  I love water in any form but infusing water with fruit is great for those who have a problem with drinking water.  This particular mixture helps with water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, and digestion.  I let it sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

I even cooked my vegetables for the week, kale and collard greens.  I don’t diet; I practice clean eating, and incorporate it into my everyday lifestyle.  Even if I didn’t like something, I made myself eat it especially if it is good for me.  For example, I didn’t like raw onions or carrots but I’ll eat them cooked.  Ironically, I cook almost everything with onions now, I love my carrots also raw and cooked.  Life is about change.

Clean Eating Gets Results

For Football:   I saw the score twice and then that last play where the Seahawks could’ve pulled it off, but that was all.  That was the highlight of me watching the Super Bowl; my nephew trumps the game any day!!  I did make sure I wore some lime green to represent the Seattle Seahawks even though I’m a Cowboy’s fan.  I’ve never been fond of the Patriots.

Twist Out

For Hair:  I went swimming this week, and had to wash my hair even though I wore a swimming cap.  I co-washed and deep conditioned with a mixture of conditioner and lemon juice.  After rinsing, I put some As I Am leave-in conditioner on before applying some Gel Me, Moisturize Me, and Grow Me (Oil) in that order.  I two stranded twisted about 11 medium sections, wrapped the ends around my finger, and pinned.  The next morning I untwisted, pulled apart once, and lifted my roots with a pick.  I love the way my curls come out this way.  Yes, the curls are tight, but I’ve never minded the shrinkage.

How did you spend your Super Bowl?  Until next time……Shauntay

Originally posted on 2/3/15

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