Your Gift Will Make Room For You

Hello my beautiful people,

During my recent visit to my organic day spa, I was honored to be able to bring my very own natural body butter – Butter Me from the Naturals By Shauntay line. Unfortunately, my legs weren’t responding well to the oil & cream they use so I was cleared to bring & use my own.

The salon offers a hydration option with hot towels either for your feet or up your legs. My skin was in need of some extra TLC so I opted in for the treatment.  While I sat, my sister and her co-workers were on my blog trying to find out how to acquire some Butter Me; she was smelling up the place with her sweet aroma!  My sister/friend/beautifier then asked me if I’d create a gift for her friend that’s getting married.  Secretly, I was nervous because I’m not the creative type, but my name is Shauntay and I never say no!  Lol.

A Wedding Gift for a Bride

After getting some necessary information about the bride, I went to work and quickly realized why one should never doubt themselves.  God guided me to the perfect box where everything fit, the bow looks amazing, and it’s filled with 4 goodies from the line.  All for just $35!  Not only was I pleased with the final result, this was the customer’s response – “I love it!  You are amazing to help me put this together!”  No queen, you’re amazing for trusting & giving Naturals By Shauntay a try.

Until next time……Shauntay
Originally posted on 2/26/16

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