Girl, How’d You Get Those Curls?!

Hello my curlies,

It’s 2017 people and January is done!!  Can you believe it?  2016 was life changing so I know 2017 is going to be even greater for all of us.  It’s now back to the old drawing board because this tear is starting off amazing!

For my normal updo, I tried a new product by Curls called Crème Brule for this flexi rod set.  My braids were styled using Moisturize Me.  It would’ve been nice if I took a picture of the back right?! My apologies, I was more worried about my friends hair than mine.

There was one part in the front that wasn’t dry, it stuck out like a sore thumb.  You’ll notice it has a different curl.  I ended up applying a little more creme, wrapped it around a flexirod, and used a diffuser to dry that area.  I finished with picking the roots.
Voila!!  Overall I have to say, that was a good hair day.
Stay tuned curlies…..Shauntay
Originally posted on 2/2/17

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