How to Braid it Up & Out


I’m honored to be able to connect with you one more time.  Can you believe we are in the 2nd week of January already?  This alone shows us that time waits for no man!  One of the many reasons why one can never give up or settle in life period!  No one has time for that, literally!!  Now let’s talk hair….

Currently, my hair is still in a protective style but I had to redo my natural hair which was in the flat twists.  The parts were getting harder to see!!  Yes, that means the hair is growing but it also means she needs some hydration, and TLC.

Marley Hair Updo

After taking down the flat twists:

  1. I rewet my hair in sections with my mixture to make the detangling process easier using my AVJ mix.
  2. Then, I made 4 horizontal sections and finger detangled my hair.
  3. With a wide tooth comb, I slid it through once, and added Gel Me.  (Note: I shy away from combs because I want my grow & keep my edges as healthy as possible.)
  4. Next, I braided/cornrowed each section going backwards towards each other, crisscrossed the braid, wrapped the ends to my liking, and pinned.
  5. Using the same AVJ mix, I sprayed my natural hair under the Marley hair, and massaged Grow Me Oil in the parts, and to the hair that’s visible.
  6. After that, I sectioned out the Marley hair before brushing, applying Moisturize Me, braiding, and rodding the ends using the white one.  Maybe 8-10 sections in total.
  7. I dipped the rods in hot water to curl the ends before wrapping my natural hair with a scarf, and finishing with a bonnet.
The next morning, I took out the rods and unraveled the braids.  Voila!!  The definition of the curl is similar to a twist out, but I love it just the same.  Afterward, I put a pin in it to take the hair out of my face, but not before taking some pictures.  I’m having so much fun with this crocheted Marley hair.
Is it wrong to feel a little cuter or sexier when your hair is on point?  I don’t know but that’s how this style makes me feel.  Until next time hair lovers……Shauntay
Originally posted on 1/12/15

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