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Peace Kings & Queens,

For the first time ever, I’m revealing my amazing 60 lb weight loss transformation with before & after pictures!  Normally, I don’t indulge in the social media days of the week such as MCM, WCW, etc.  However, being that I stepped outside the box with this journey, I had to step outside the box with this post with my own Transformation Tuesday.  I achieved this without weight-loss surgery or pills; I just worked hard for what I wanted which was to be healthier.  Doctors, nurses, people, etc. always assumed I had high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes because I was “obese.” Even though I was healthy otherwise, I definitely needed to take a walk to avoid those illnesses in the future.  Thank you God for taking care of this fool!

Starting weight – 244lbs

No, it didn’t happen overnight.  In fact, it took me 9 years to get down to 200lbs (244 was my heaviest), because I was also dealing with chronic back pain 6 out of those 9 years.  Once I reached that goal, the weight just started falling off.  Before I knew it, I’m in the range (170-180 for my height) where I’m not considered “obese” per the doctors.  I now weigh in at 189.

Note:  I don’t diet; I just changed my eating habits.  There is a stigma on the word “diet” so I choose not to use it.  I changed the way I was living my life by what I put in my body, and how I took care of her.
Many people often ask me how did I do it?  Mentally, I got to a point where I said enough was enough.  I always talked about losing weight but I started acting and stopped talking.  I started off with:
  • Eating cleaner.  I was never a big soda drinker or sweets eater so that was never an issue, and I love water so that’s a plus. I did cut out fried foods though which was also a trigger for my cystic acne breakouts.  Ironically, my acne problem came a year before I started eating better.  Weird right?  Lastly, I wouldn’t eat past 7:30pm; I eat later than that sometimes now though.  It’s still no bueno (good) for me honestly.
  • Working out.  My aunt gave me a machine like an elliptical, but instead of your legs going around and around, your legs move back & forth.  It resembled a person skiing mid-air.  I started off doing 15 minutes and worked my way up to 45 minutes non stop.  I knew that if I could get past those 15 minutes, my endorphins would kick in and I’d be able to push myself further.  But, to get through those first 15 minutes, I’d set my alarm clock on my cell phone for 5 minute intervals, after I chose 5 songs on my ipod that amped me up.  Now that I think about it, that machine wasn’t probably the best first step because I hated an elliptical machine for the longest.  Ironically, I use to be afraid of it but before the back surgery I’d hop on and ride it like I own it!
    • Yes, I encourage you to do anything you need to do to get you over that hurdle that’s stopping you from reaching your full workout potential.  This machine was used everyday for a week, and I quickly shed 8 lbs which gave me an unbelievable confidence boost.  I also realized I love working out having a type A personality and all, and without even knowing anything about it, I started cross training.  I walked, used the machine, kick boxed, did Zumba/Yoga, swam, and weight trained; I worked out based on the weather and how I felt, I like variety.  I didn’t have money for a trainer so I trained myself with the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance God gave me.  I’d say we did good looking at this picture.
  • Not stopping.  No matter the storm I went through, I didn’t give up.  Being that I had chronic back pain for over 5 years, sometimes I was in too much pain to work out which stressed me out even more; this made my weight fluctuate.  But, when I had a good day I made sure I worked out.
If you’ve been contemplating on working out or losing weight, I encourage you to just take a walk around your neighborhood.  Shoot, I walked through my hood with a dog so we both got exercise; people talked but now they have something to talk about.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you!  Start off with something small with your eating habits like cutting out soda.  It’s a lifestyle change so nothing happens overnight and don’t feel pressured, just do you.
I don’t believe anyone including me realized I was that big until I created this collage.  I went from having relaxed hair & overweight to naturally healthy, God is Great!  I’m so grateful for my life with all its ups and down because it makes me.   Until next time…..Shauntay
Originally posted 8/11/15

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