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Hello Curlies,

I’m so pleased to share with you some personal testimonials of individuals who’ve used Moisturize Me.  Out of all my posts, these testimonials mean the most to me because I get to see my hard work come to fruition so to speak.  Words will never be able explain the joy that comes from seeing individuals happy and comfortable with their hair.  Everyone wants nice hair!

First up is Ms. Patricia.  I absolutely love her hair texture and wanted to see how my product would work in her hair.  I was determined to give her a sample one day, but never knew she had a bad experience with a product; she wasn’t trying to go down that road again.  She was sticking to what worked for her.

Moisturize Me has her curls poppin!

Finally, the day came when I gave her a 1 or 2oz sample (can’t remember) so she’d be able to try it on her, and her girl’s hair.  She took it but was hesitant to use it, and later advised me that something told her to try it so she did.  That’s God.  In her own words,

“I really enjoyed the product! It gave my curls definition and it stretched my hair so I had less shrinkage.  I was apprehensive about trying something new on my hair but glad I did.  Thanks.”

Thank you Queen for taking a chance and trusting your hair with Naturals By Shauntay.

Up next is the princess with style!  Her mom & I went to High school together, and wanted to try out some Moisturize Me on her children’s hair.  I obliged and to my surprise, she’s been one of my biggest supporters.  God bless you, it’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby!  All I can say is to God be the glory.

Moisturize Me used on all styles!
Customer testimonial
Moisturize Me Testimony

When you raise them with morals, values, and beliefs it will show.  Thank you to everyone who have ever supported & will support my baby Naturals By Shauntay.  Until next time……Shauntay

Originally posted on 7/17/15

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