How I Moisturize my Skin During Accutane Use

Hola Mundo,

I have to report, I’ve been sentenced to another month of Accutane so I had to restock up on my body butter, Butter Me (Cocoa).  My dermatologist says this will be the final month and he’s leaving the dosage at 120mg (40mg pills 3x a day).  I’m completely fine with it because I’m no quitter.  I’ve come this far and can see the finish line.

Butter Me works great on my face.

I’m so grateful that this medication worked for me even though many people spoke against it; one must educate themselves and step out on faith.  I needed this medication to do exactly what it was supposed to, no more no less.  Sadly, everyone doesn’t get these results.  I met a woman at the pharmacy and she asked me how was the meds working for me.  I said, “Great, my skin is clear again!”

Then she went on to tell me her age and how it made her so sleepy, and depressed that she had to stop taking it.  Yet, she still had a smile on her face, and was wishing me well telling me to enjoy my life with healthy skin.  She brought tears to my eyes and reminded me to continue to support & compliment the next person for their blessings; don’t be jealous or hateful.
Ever since I started Accutane in March, I’ve been using my Butter Me. but I recently ran out.  I was using a moisturizing lotion to hold me over (being lazy), but I started seeing dry spots and my skin was peeling in different areas.  One of the side effects of this medication is dry skin, and some people get it really bad so I stopped procrastinating and started mixing.  The original plan was to make a 20oz jar for myself, but I decided not to be stingy and make some samples too.  My skin thanks me every time I use Butter Me by becoming soft, smooth, feeling rejuvenated, and moisturized.  Who knew she’d work so well and be all natural?
Until next time…..Shauntay
Originally posted on 8/10/14

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