Naturals By Shauntay’s 1st Commercial

Hola Mundo (Hello World),

Ever since I told my friend I was going to start a business, he’s been talking about making a commercial.  This is the 2nd time he’s used Moisturize Me on his dreads, and wanted to capture every moment.  He’s so creative and does a great job with videos and pictures; my motto is to give credit where credit is due.  (I have many mottos, lol)  It’s nice seeing him put his degree to work.  You go man!  Thanks love for the 1st Naturals By Shauntay commercial.  : )

Barreled Locs

Testimonial:  “My hair journey has been a difficult one by far until I recently used Moisturize Me; my hair went from dull to full of life.  It rejuvenated my scalp and moisturized my dreads.  I’ve been getting my hair done professionally for 8 months, and one day made the 8 months look like a waste of time!  Thanks Naturals By Shauntay!!  You’re amazing at what you do!”  I was just glad I could give him the tools to have healthy, moisturized hair and it’s growing.


My little princess is back with some individual box twists.  Being that she is 10 months old, she pulls at her hair so the flat twists didn’t last long.  We’ll see if the box twists will be easier to maintain and last a little longer.  As soon as she saw me she touched her hair, and when she’s done she’s ready for her close-up.  She’s just awesome.  These children are so intelligent nowadays; feed them knowledge and they can be whatever they want.

Toddler Two Strand Twists

On freshly washed hair, these ingredients were used on both manes:

AVJ/Oil Mix
Moisturize Me (Mango)
Metal Clips
In spite of any storm, we must step out on faith, and do the work.  Just ask the teams that are participating in the 2014 World Cup, which has been amazing by the way.  Are you watching?Until next time…….Shauntay

Originally posted 6/20/14

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