Princess Ebony’s Braided Debut

Greetings everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to Princess Ebony, a beautiful, smart 7 year young lady.  Babygirl is what I call her, is transitioning and has about 2-3 inches of new growth which is her natural hair.  A couple weeks ago, her mom tried some Moisturize Me on her own locks and applied it to babygirl’s edges, and fell in love.  I noticed her daughter’s hair was shining a little more, and mom gives all the credit to Naturals By Shauntay products.  No more creamy crack since she found Naturals By Shauntay products! 🙌  God is great!

I started her wash with The Mane Choice hydrating conditioner, deep conditioned with Crème of Nature Intensive Treatment & their Leave-In conditioner.  I trimmed an inch or two, and moisturized her hair with Moisturize Me before blow drying.  For her deep conditioning, I sat her under a hooded dryer.  She found this to be hilarious as it got larger and larger on her head.  It made her dryer time fun.  I quickly found out she doesn’t like sitting under the dryer as much as I when she asked was she done.  Once I told her the countdown was on the stove’s timer, she said OK.  She was probably counting down just like the rest of us who dislikes sitting under the dryer.

Portable Hooded Dryer

After rinsing out the deep conditioner, I blow dried her hair on medium warm for the both of us.  Let me explain, when transitioning you have two different textures of hair.  The relaxed ends tend to get tangled compared to natural hair, which glided right through the detangler brush.  To ease her tender head, I dried her hair, but not bone dry just enough to braid without it getting tangled.

Once she felt the first blown out section, she asked if she could wear it hanging.  I answered saying, in order to get your hair healthy, and back to wear it’s supposed to be we must use protective styles. She said OK.

To style:  I applied a small amount of The Mane Choice gel on the roots, and massaged Moisturize Me to the rest and braided. I made Bantu Knots on the ends.

Freestyle per her hair needs

All 3 of us sat down for dinner and to watch a movie, all of a sudden babygirl got up and went to the bathroom.  When she returned she said, “I just had to go look at my hair one more time!”  This is why I do what I do, her smile was as big as mine!!  I want little curls to feel good about their curls and hair.  Princess Ebony wears her hair in a ponytail a lot and it looks like her edges are breaking but once her hair was fully wet, I saw that that was her healthy new growth.  Her curls were poppin!!

Even though she is tender-headed, she trusted Shauntay with her hair. Both of us were very happy with the end result which left huge smiles on both of our faces.  I see so many young girls who want their hair straight because everyone else has straight hair.  My job is to encourage them to love their hair the way it grows out of their head.   When the young ladies love curls!, they’ll teach others.  Stay tuned my fellow hair lovers…..Shauntay

Originally posted 2/5/17

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