How to Retwist Dreadlocks

Hola mi amigos,

I’m back again with another client.  A friend of mine asked me to re-twist his hair, and of course I said yes.  I want to see how Moisturize Me (Mango) works in all hair textures.  He has very soft & curly hair which is going to take longer to lock, but I will perfect those ends.

Moisturize Me (Mango) is coming back soon!

I used:

  • My AVJ oil mix to rewet his hair
  • Moisturize Me (Mango)
  • Beeswax (store bought)
I’m not going to lie, both of us was nervous because he’d been through different stylists, and I never twisted dreads before.  This was a challenge for me because his hair was being twisted to the left (awkward). Nonetheless, ya girl is always up for a challenge. To God be the glory because with research & prayer another client is pleased with their hair. All things are possible if you believe.
I’ll post updated pictures when he barrels them; he’s a beast with them. Thanking God for all the talented people out there who are willing to step outside the box & try something new.
Bonus:  Two Strand Box Twists using AVJ mix & Moisturize Me (Shea).  I can’t wait to see her style it. She’s the pro, I’m just her understudy!!
Update:  She decided to take the twists out instead.  I love her color and those coils still have moisture & shine.  Lil is working that face shot!!!  Until next time…..Shauntay
Originally posted 5/22/14

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