How to Trim Natural Hair

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Guess what time it is?  It’s trimming time!  I can’t believe I was so excited to trim my hair this go round.  Is it because I’m ready to rid myself of these unruly split ends, especially in the front?  Can it be that I’ll be crocheting some Marley hair as a protective style soon?  Or, was it because I was under pressure trimming and taping at the same time for the first time?  It wasn’t horrible but I know I can do better.  : )  That’s my competitive side speaking, always wanting to do better.  Honestly, I joke about it but it’s nothing wrong with wanting to do better or be a better you.
Now, I have a ‘thing’ about scissors, and my hair.  In the past, I was given a haircut when they were supposed to just be trimming my ends.  One time, it wasn’t even cut into a style; the person just chopped off my hair, from shoulder to neck.  At that time, I was upset but seeing my hair evolve from being relaxed into something so naturally great & beautiful, finally has me over the incident.  I guess you can say, I don’t play when it comes to my hair; it’s my glory.
My journey of returning to natural has given me so much confidence.  I never thought I’d be trimming my hair, let alone making the products that go into my hair and seeing her transform into something so amazing.  I’m in awe, and the best part about it all is I know what’s going in my hair!

The above pictures were taken before the trim.  As you can see, the front of my hair has a lot of straight ends that need to be cut.  I’ve been waiting for a little growth and now that I have it, they’re gone.  In the video, you’ll see me cutting straight across in the front, but the sides and back were a different story.

I went through each and every twist unraveling the ends, and cutting as needed.  I’ve heard someone in the natural world call it ‘”Search & Destroy.”   The bottom left picture is of all the hair that was trimmed, not bad.  I know so many people hate cutting and trimming their hair because they’re afraid to loss length, but cutting split ends is equivalent to letting go of dead weight; it’s all for the greater good.

After I trimmed my ends, I applied some Moisturize Me to them, re-twisted, and pinned.  As I mentioned in the video, I pin my ends this way to achieve a bantu knot out look.  My ends turn out super curly opposed to them being straight and sticking off.  I have to mention that I have no idea why I started whispering when I mentioned the Moisturize Me, but it sure was funny.  I can honestly say I had fun making the video.  I guess a flat twist tutorial should be next since a friend of mine asked for it a while back.  We shall see because I’m not in love with my web cam.  Shhh….don’t tell her.  : )

Note:  I apologize in advance because I didn’t realize I can do the voice over until I started editing; hence my lips are moving throughout the whole video.  Then, I tend to move a lot while talking resulting in a delay.  All in all, I made it through my first tutorial and my ends feel great. 
After Trimming my Natural Hair

Bonus:  The above picture is my twist-out after the trim, Moisturize Me, pinning my ends.  Overall, I’m content with the amount I cut off the front because now I’ll see her at her full potential.  Bye bye stringy ends.  Please let me know your thoughts and how you trim your natural hair.

Moisturize Me on 2 different curl textures

My friend’s daughter tried some Moisturize Me (White/Mango) on her daughter’s hair.  One is 10 and the other is 19months.  In her own words she says, “Beautiful moisturized and defined thanks to Naturals By Shauntay!”  What can I say?  Thank you God, for opening doors I never knew was even there.  I’m grateful that people are using these products and seeing a difference in their hair.  I hope it gives people back their confidence.  To God be the glory!  I’m in awe.

Always pursue your dreams even when you get knocked down, get back up and keep moving forward.  Until next time…..Shauntay
Originally posted 12/6/14

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