How to Use Naturals By Shauntay Products on Different Styles

Hello Curlies,

Last Thursday, after co-washing and conditioning my hair, I flat twisted the front, two strand twisted the back, and pin curled.  I love putting my hair in protective styles because they’re cool and so great for my hair.

Protective Style

Monday, I took out the twists in the back wearing a high ponytail for 3 days pineappling my curls at night.  Did I just make up that word?  The natural world know what I’m talking about though.  : ) Pineapple – to pull your hair up into a loose ponytail before bed to preserve curls.

A week later which was Thursday night, I replenished my flat twists, the edges, and within my ponytail using my detangler mix.  I then massaged some Moisturize Me, to the same parts but not forgetting about the ends.  I finished up with gliding some Grow Me (Oil) through my parts and sealing in the moisture.  The plan was to pineapple my curls but it ended up looking like a bun so I left it.  I can’t wait until I can put my hair in a beautiful elegant natural curly bun.  Those will be the days.

Normally, I wash my hair within 7-10 days, closer to 12-14 occasionally, but…  Seriously though, my scalp is much better, my twistouts are lasting longer so I’m enjoying my new found freedom.  I’ll be washing soon though.

In the above picture, my ponytail is at least 5 days old, but the flat twists were just taken out this morning.  Can you see the difference in the flat & 2 strand twists?

Bonus video: Curls blowing in the wind.  Until next time curlies……Shauntay

Originally posted on 9/7/15

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