When in Doubt, Don’t Count Pinning Out

Peace & Blessings,

A new calendar year is also a fresh start for new beginnings.  With that being said, I’m finally testing Gel Me!  I know many Naturalistas can’t live without their Ecostyler gel, but I wasn’t one of them. I’ve tried 2, and my hair wasn’t pleased at all.  The objective for this product is to enhance curls and provide a slight hold.
Once it was made, I had to try it out!  I unraveled each flat twist, rewet it with my Aloe Vera Juice/Oil mixture, applied some Gel Me, and retwisted.  As I worked the gel through, I saw how one objective was met; my curls were defined, and my twist have a nice hold yet it’s still soft to the touch.  I may be trying a wash and go very soon instead of waiting for the Spring; we will see.  I’m not a fan of wearing my hair wet and going outside, especially with everyone getting sick around this time.

I followed up with two strand twisting the Marley hair in sections, applied some Moisturize Me (Shea), tied it down with a satin scarf, and slept.  The next day, the ends were too straight because I didn’t rod them, so I started pinning.  I intertwined the twists with my natural hair then pinned to my liking.  I can’t lie, I’m loving this crocheted hair, because it gives me so much flexibility.  Until next time curlies……..Shauntay
Originally posted on 1/7/15

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