From This to That

My Curlies,

When I first started my natural hair journey, it wasn’t pretty. As a matter of fact, it was more awkward than anything. I searched for hair products that my hair liked, and was often left a little lost.  As previously mentioned, I transitioned but should’ve big chopped because my hair was very damaged in certain areas at one point in time.  The left picture was taken 6/13 and the right was in 12/15.  How’d did I do it?  I used products from my Naturals By Shauntay line for hair, chose a regimen, and tried my best to stick to it.

From This to That

It was hard trying to stand tall with acne, not being comfortable in your skin, and your hair looking crazy at times, but I did.  I knew that with every change in transformation, there’s an “awkward” stage that some of us must go through.  It may not feel or look good, it might be uncomfortable, but if you hold on and stand tall you can come out as pure as gold.

Yes, my hair has come a long way!  Even in the picture from September of 2013, you can clearly see that I should’ve let my aunt cut more of the perm out, but I just couldn’t take it.  3 months later, my twist-outs looked a little better, but my face will still out of control and getting worse.  However, before my one year anniversary, my hair had grown out a lot thanks to Naturals By Shauntay, along with me cutting ties with those dead ends periodically.

I’m here to tell you that no matter where you are in life with your hair or in general, keep your eyes on the goal and you’ll get there.  Don’t ever give up or in!!  I’m living proof because 3 years later, my hair & body are both healthier and I have my clear skin back!  Until next time loves……Shauntay

Originally posted 7/7/16

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