How those Curls Held Up

Greetings Kings & Queens,

I’m pleased to present to you an updated post; I love doing these because it clearly shows you how far you’ve come, whether it be hair or weight loss.  The style may differ now because my hair has grown, and the braids are fuller. When I first tried the style over a year ago, I added Marley hair to 4 cornrows in the front of my head. It wasn’t healthy or long enough back then, but since it’s much better I decided to return to this style once again.
Marley Hair Updo (Original Post )

The funniest thing to me is I do my best work when I’m upset.  It’s a proven fact.  I created this hairstyle during a bad day.  A protective style was needed to be done, and I wanted to give my hair a break so this style worked but I had to take it out to put another round of Henna in it. During the first round, I found that I wanted to add another cornrow, bring them up higher, and switching to box braids instead of cornrows.

I started by co-washing my hair with:

  • The Mane Choice conditioner and followed with their leave in conditioner.
  • Then applied some Moisturize Me & detangled using my detangler brush.
  • On the edges of the cornrowed braids, I applied The Mane Choice gel and braided.
  • I box braided the remaining left out hair all the while applying a little gel for hold.  Note: I twisted the ends instead of braiding it to the end.
  • To make sure the ends were curled, I wrapped them around a pink or white perm rod.

I left my hair like this while traveling out of convenience, and to preserve the hairstyle.  I tried the style and wanted to perfect it for this event.

Santa Monica Pier

Once I landed, I headed directly to the Santa Monica Pier once my flight landed. Before I moved, I loved living close to the beach but now that I’m on the west coast, the ocean is a little ways from me.  The plan was to take full advantage of it, and that’s exactly what I did. I packed my beach towel so everything could lay out on the sand, be safe, and in sight while I enjoyed the water for a bit.  That Henna has my hair shining like new money!

Sometimes, I separate my hair too much, and that’s what happened here.  However, I’ve learned that even when your hairstyle doesn’t come out the way you want, you can still make it work because it’s yours.

Braid Out

Your girl felt like royalty that night!

In the last post, I mentioned going to a Mike Epps comedy show last month, and met the host Gary “G Thang” Johnson.  Well low and behold, he was having a celebrity birthday comedy show in Hollywood, and I received my invite to be on the VIP list. How could I not go?  Besides, I had this black dress from Bebe’s that I’ve been itching to wear since purchasing it last year for my going away dinner.

I had only tried the dress on twice, but knew how hard and consistently I’ve been working with my gym workouts, so hopefully she’d fit like a glove.  I must say I was very happy when I slid her on.

Normally, women wear heels with a dress like this but I’m not jeopardizing my healing back, so I went for more of a rocker look with my flat black boots.  I didn’t know how it would look together but in my mind it was going to be fire!  Thank God I trust my instincts because overall, I felt amazing!!

I had my own little photo shoot before leaving for the event.

Who would’ve known last month’s comedy show was a set up for an even better meet & greet?!  God did, and I’m so happy I went.

During the show, G Thang thanked his friends for coming through and showing love for his birthday.  TI, Deray, Mike Epps were those I didn’t get pictures with.

I did get a chance to meet these two beautiful ladies though, Ms. Tasha Smith & Mrs. Tisha Campbell-Martin.  They both were sitting behind me along with the handsome Mr. Jackie Long; ladies, he’s even more handsome in person! After the show, these down to Earth celebrities walked out with us and was gracious enough to take pictures. 

Tisha looked fantastic and I had to tell her!!  She then told me what she was doing and I shared my 60+ lb weight loss.  Girl, I lost 62 high five, she said!

It was definitely a night to remember.

Sadly, it was then time to head back home, but not before taking a quick selfie because my hair held up even after my morning swim.  On my return flight, my row mates told me we had another celebrity on board sitting exactly 3 seats behind me, Lil Dicky. I must be honest, I didn’t know who he was but when I asked for a picture, he said yes.

Yes, those curls definitely held up.  Until next time Curlies, Live Your Life……..Shauntay

Originally posted on 7/2/16

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