Huetiful Hair Steamer Results

Hello Curlies,

Every since I started my natural journey, I wanted to invest in a hair steamer.  The reviews were outstanding regarding the moisture retention so I had to see for myself.  As per the directions, I put water into the steamer and sat under it for 20 minutes.  I didn’t think that I’d see a difference the first time, but I was totally wrong.  The naked eye can see the difference.
Huetiful Hair Steamer

I didn’t go through my full wash process this time due to time restrictions.  Instead, I co washed using Tresemme conditioner only, then applied The Mane Choice deep conditioner before sitting under the steamer.  I know, I know; I’m not supposed to skip the pre-poo step & I always doctor up my conditioner, but I’m kind of happy I didn’t.  This way the steamer had to work twice as hard or so I thought; I still received a rocking result.  The steamer does say not to wash out the product after steaming, but the deep conditioner I used had to be rinsed out. I then went on to style my hair as usual starting with my DIY detangler, Moisturize Me, and flat twisted.  I kept it like that for most of the week and took it out on Sunday.

The left side & front ends were pin curled but the twists coming from the right side were twisted into each other.  I should’ve pin curled those ends too because they were stringy instead of curly.  To fix my blunder, I pinned that side creating a cute back swoop.  That’s one of the beauties of being natural, even when my style doesn’t come out the way I planned, there’s always a pin to save the day. The moisture retention is what has me really excited; so much so that I can’t wait to wash this week.

Sadly, I’m still in search of a natural hair stylist that’s not scissor happy to shape my fro or give me a nice even trim.  I’m willing to let them cool dry my hair to cut it even, but I’m not interested in straightening to cut though.  Once I meet the right stylist, I know I’ll receive the answer to my question and be able to share with you guys.  Until next time…..Shauntay

Originally posted on 2/25/16

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