How I Moisturize My Curls

Hello Curlies,

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last wash, don’t judge me, lol.  After wearing my hair out through the Study Abroad Fairs, she was asking for some water.  Since I didn’t have time to fully wash, I improvised.  I fully wet my hair in the shower and separated it into about 6 medium sections, applied some leave in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today), and finished up with some Moisturize Me, twisted & tucked.  I wore it like this for a couple of days and then released her on Sunday.
I never know how my hair is going to turn out because many times it’s a spur of the moment type thing.  It goes the same when other people try Moisturize Me or any Naturals By Shauntay product.  We all have different hair types, so when I see or hear how one of my products brought their hair back to life it leaves me speechless.  If you know me you know that’s practically impossible!!
However, that’s exactly what happened when one of my Zumba instructors walked pass me with her curls were poppin, hair shining, and an extra pep in her step!!  I try not to ask if they’ve used the product because my feelings would be hurt if they said no.  Before I got out of the car, a woman stopped her and was touching her hair.  By the time I reached her, we were able to walk in together and she expressed to me how much she loves how her hair responds to Moisturize Me.  I had to ask what did the lady say to her?  She complimented me on my hair, she said.

I now know that I can’t go wrong with my Moisturize Me.  She always leaves my hair moisturized, shiny, and oh so soft!!  Since it was a high puff kind of day, I thought I’d top it off with my African skirt.

I wanted to take this skirt with me to the colleges, but I had limited space and this is a lot of skirt.  As soon as I returned, I went to try it on and felt a bitter sweet moment.  Now, I knew it was going to be a little too big but not where I needed pins, 2 to be exact!!  I have a blue one that I haven’t even worn yet and I know both of them now have to be taken in.
These pictures were taken in March of 2016.
Stay tuned……Shauntay
Originally posted on 12/22/16

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