Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair ~ Tutorial

Hello Curlies,

I hope everyone had a memorable time with family and friends over the holidays. It is with great pleasure that I present to you my newest perm rod set pictures & tutorial on natural hair.  I loved my hair, am pleased with the video, and hope I’ve encouraged someone to do it also.
Perm Rod Set

This style was done on old twisted out hair; actually, the back was pinned up.  I used my latest concoction to rewet my hair which includes Aloe Vera juice, mineral water, oils, and Moisture Milk by As I Am.  Normally, conditioner replaces the milk but I have a full bottle that needs to be used.  I then applied my Grow Me (Oil), and Moisturize Me in that order to complete the LOC method which is liquid, oil, and cream.

I finished up by sitting under a cool hooded dryer for about an hour and half watching a movie, and put on my satin bonnet, and slept.  The next day I put some Grow Me (Oil) on my hands before removing the rods.  I wanted to cut down on the frizz when separating the curls.  I only separated the section once because I wanted to keep the definition, and carefully used a pick to lift my roots for that big hair look.

I hope my fellow hair lovers enjoy, have a safe and happy new year until next time…..Shauntay

Originally posted on 12/27/14

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