Summer Curls

Hola mis amigos,

In the previous post, I spoke about curls being unleashed and this post is dedicated to Summer & her curls.  They were popping after our first consultation!  When her mom expressed interest in trying some of Naturals products in her 1 year old’s hair, I said yes of course.
I never want to turn people away so I consciously try not to.  I started wetting her hair with the conditioner mix, applied some Moisturize Me from root to end, and then massaged in some Grow Me (Oil).  I finger detangled along the way working the product into every strand.  Her mom was so pleased that she went home and tried it on Papa Bear, as she calls him.  I can’t wait to see how Summer’s situational areas will respond to the products.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.
I’d like to leave you with this.  When Summer came to my house, she was hesitant and kept her distance because she doesn’t know me.  That was until I started speaking to her in Spanish.  Once she heard the familiar dialect, she turned to me, smiled, and then came.  How funny is that?!  These children are so intelligent that if we take the time to nurture their gifts and talents, they’ll be better off in the long run.  Gracias a Dios por mi español! So, do what you love because you may need to use it one day.
Until next time……Shauntay

Note:  When I tried the Denmark brush to see how the curls would look vs finger coiling, it messed up the definition.  Finger Coiling Won!  Originally posted on 5/28/15

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