Update: 3 Day Old Twist Out

Hi guys,

I wanted to update y’all on my 3 day old twist out!!  She’s still shining, has definition, and very little frizz.  I have NOT done anything to or put anything on my hair since it was done, other than putting on with my satin bonnet as I slept.  The weather has been bad so once I took my bonnet off, I didn’t touch my hair; I just let my fro do her!  Today, I used a scarf to resemble a headband, but let the curls go free; instead of pinning my edges, I covered them.  Once the scarf was in place, I lifted my roots with a pick and that’s all.

For bed, I’ll spray my roots only and massage some Grow Me (Oil) into my scalp.  I’m not ready to let my natural curls come back yet so I’ll be careful in just spraying my roots for hydration.  I’m trying to let this twist out last.  Now, I know the last time you saw me my hair was braided up, and ready for the crotchet install which I’m still going to do in a week or so.  Don’t worry, I’ll share with you guys. 

I’m also a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society, and decided to wear my shirt today.  It’s just a shirt, but means so much more.  I went to school all year round for 2+ yrs which wasn’t a walk in the park, but I took it semester by semester.   It reminds me of the hard work I put into every semester, making the Dean’s List for 3 semesters, and graduating a Distinguished Scholar.  I earned the rights to wear this shirt!  : )

Update:  Day 6 of the same twist out.  I love pin ups and am so happy my hair is long enough for a messy ponytail puff.

Until next time…….Shauntay

Note:  Did you notice I cut more off the top?  I’m getting rid of those dead ends and she’s curling more and more on her own.   Originally posted on 2/4/15

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