How to Achieve Heatless Curls using Moisturize Me

Buen dia (Good Day),

Today, I’m rocking my heatless curls and loving them!  I obtained this style using:

Heatless Curls using Curlformers
  • My Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ) oil mixture
  • Moisturize Me (Shea)
  • Curlformers (38 in total)
Nooo, I don’t want anyone to see me like this, lol!

This style was done on old twisted out hair.  I used all of those curl formers (except 1).  I have a very large head, and hoping there’s a large brain in there.  : )   I’m loving how my hair is growing.  Currently, the only products I use in my hair are:

  • AsIam Coconut Co-Wash & Leave-In Conditioner
  • The Mane Choice deep conditioner
  • My AVJ oil mix to rewet my hair
  • Moisturize Me (Shea or Mango depending on the style)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (once a month for conditioning & clarifying)
  • A 5000mcg Biotin pill a day (just in case, to counteract hair loss/thinning from Accutane)
I need a protein treatment which I’ll get to soon enough.  In the past, I used hair mayonnaise treatments and liked it, but I’ll be doing it myself this time.  I know I have the ingredients in my fridge.  What can I say, I’m a DIY type of gal!  I will lose nothing by trying it once, you never know I may love it.  If I don’t try, I have already failed.  Until next time……Shauntay
Originally posted on 5/28/14


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