Flat Twist Updo for the Prom

Peace & Blessings everyone,

In the previous post, I showed a protective style.  What I failed to mention, this was a run-thru for her prom.  I was nervous because this is her senior prom!  Bring on the challenges because I always aim for perfection baby!  When I did the bantu style (top right), she wouldn’t look at her hair until it was done.  Then she smiled and said she liked it; I was happy.  However, she was uneasy about wearing her hair like that to school but to her surprise she received many compliments.  : )   I told her she would.
I used my AVJ/oil mix & Moisturize Me (Mango) on dry hair that was deep conditioned.  The mango mix seems to work great on curly girl styles.  I love the way this style came out and she was smart and sat under the dryer like I told her.  Unlike me the hard headed one, I let mine air dry for a day or two which never seems to work.  (I really dislike sitting under dryers, lol)  Until next time….Shauntay
Originally Posted on 5/17/14

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