How to get Those Fancy Twist Out

Vivir Bien,

I am really feeling my fancy twist out today, thanks Iggy for the soundtrack to how I’m feeling.  Her flow reminds me of DaBrat.  Back to this twist out, my hair has never come out like this.  Hair gives you confidence whether you’re a male or a female.  Now, I know my hair is growing so the styles will look different but to the naked eye, it seems to have grown about a 1/2 inch since the Castor Oil challenge.

I’ve also noticed that it’s getting fuller which is great, because that’s more important to me than length.  I’ve incorporated massaging castor oil which is one of the ingredients in my Grow Me (Oil) into my regimen.  I haven’t officially measured it yet but as soon as I do, I ‘ll share.
I’m so in LOVE with my hair!  However, I can’t take credit for this style because I saw it first on its_niknak’s Instagram; her hair is awesome by the way.  Even though her hair is much longer than mine, I tried the style anyway and I’m so glad I did.  Not bad, huh?
Yesterday, I washed my hair in this order:

  • Pre-poo with an oil mix overnight (coconut oil)
  • Co washed with my Tresemme conditioner mix (honey, peppermint oil)
  •  AsIam Leave-In Conditioner
  • Grow Me (Oil)
  • Moisturize Me (Shea)
  • Metal Clip & Hair Pin (not bobby pins)
My hair was in box twists when I washed it, then I took the twists out, and styled.  Washing my hair in twists left my hair stretched.  I didn’t deep condition though because I ran out and forgot to order when they had free shipping.  The deep conditioner is $17.99 (The Mane  Now, I have to pick one up before my next wash, and I have no idea what to choose.  I like being able to read the ingredients of what I’m putting in my hair, but those seem to be hard to find.  We will see.
I’ll leave you with this – You may not always get the best results or get it right the first time, but practice makes perfect.  Until next time….Shauntay
Originally posted on 8/4/14

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