How to go From Afro to Crown

Hola Mundo,

I have some of the most talented people in my life.  Shout out to my cousin for a replica of this beautiful style I saw on Instagram.  Is she not the deal?!!  This woman was blessed with so many talents, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.  I’m so funny about who touches my hair (don’t judge me, lol), but anytime I ask; she obliges.  Yo te quiero prima!

My hair has been growing tremendously, and I wanted to give her a little break.  The original style was single box twists, but I was worried about protecting my edges.  Can you imagine my excitement when I saw this style?  These cornrows are neatly braided into my thoroughly treated and moisturized hair.
To prepare my hair for these twists, I washed in this order:
  • Handmade Oil mix to pre-poo before wash
  • Co-washed using As I Am Coconut Co-wash
  • Sprayed hair with ACV water (1 Tbs ACV & 1 cup water)  One spray on front left/right, and back left/right.  4 sprays in total and then immediately rinsed
  • Deep conditioned with As I Am Hydration Elation sitting under portable hooded dryer (45 minutes)
  • Applied As I Am Leave-in conditioner
  • Massaged Moisturized Me (White/Mango) in from root to ends
  • Massaged Grow Me (Oil) into scalp and hair
While my hair was in 4 sections, I cool dried my hair using the tension method.  The tension method is holding & stretching the hair from the ends to elongate the hair, while using the blow dryer, face downward to reduce frizz.  I used the warm temp for 10 seconds then switched back to cool.
Before installing the twists, I placed the Marley hair in a bowl of 3 cups of water & 2 Tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar.  I tried this because I always have problems with itching, bumps, and scratching when I wear braids; this should minimize the agitation to my scalp.  It’s probably the alkaline or whatever they use to preserve the hair.  I learned of this secret from this website:
Until next time hair lovers…..Shauntay
Originally posted on 10/6/14

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