How to Achieve Perfect Curls on Marley Hair

Feliz Año Nuevo,

I hope you had a safe and Happy New Year.  May 2015 bring each and every person reading this prosperity in love, pursuing your dreams, and self awareness. I brought it in with my mom as usual.  I’ve learned to treasure every moment with her because nothing is promised to anyone.  Yo te quiero madre!!!
It’s with great pleasure to present to you my New Year’s eve up-do.  As you’re aware, I’ve wanted to do the crotched Marley braids for a while, but I didn’t have the hook or enough hair to do my whole head so I kept putting it off.  Pero, no mas!  I want that full curly pin up look that I can’t achieve with my natural hair yet.
Unfortunately, a video wasn’t made because I wanted to make sure I was pleased with the end result; I’ll definitely make one when I do my whole head though.  After wearing my rod set for 4 days, I put it in a Mohawk for 2, but knew it was time for a protective style.  Honestly, I only wear my hair out for a few days and then it goes back into a protective style, 4 days is big for me!  That evening, I started flat twisting my back & sides upwards leaving out a small section in the front.  It wasn’t until then that I realized I had enough Marley hair to crochet the front.
4 Cornrow – Crocheted Marley Braids

Once the back & sides were done, it was time to install the hair which left me running to Michael’s to purchase the hook.  Procrastination will sometimes lead you to desperation, lesson learned.  I then braided 4 cornrows and crocheted the hair into the braid.  I learned the technique on YouTube; it’s very easy.

Next, I put some Moisturize Me on each section before two strand twisting it, and curled the ends around white perm rods.  By now, the ends of the flat twists were dried and expanded, so I pin curled them (no hair was added to the twists).  I finished by carefully placing the rods in a bowl of hot water to set the curl, and dried them using a towel.  I kept the rods in and slipped on my satin bonnet for a good nights rest.  I removed the rods but kept the twist in until the last minute.
Note:  Should you choose to use the hot water, please be careful when removing the rods from the water.  A towel should be handy to catch the rods coming out of the water.  It will be hot!!  To see how I cleansed the hair before installing, click here:
I knew I’d fall in love with this protective style.  It gives my hair a break, all the while allowing me to still treat the hair underneath.  This way, she’ll be even healthier when the hair is removed.  That’s the ultimate goal, healthy hair!!
Along with the hair, I also did a face mask, manicure & pedicure in preparation for the festivities.  Why not bring the new year in correctly by pampering yourself?  That way you’ll know how you should be treated throughout the year & in life.  : )
DIY New Year’s Eve Nails
Step 1 ~ Paint the nail
Step 2 ~ Put desired size tape on nail
Step 3 ~ Paint the nail the 2nd color
Step 4 ~ Take the tape strips off

I first saw this on Instagram and had to try it.  I only did my index fingers though; the opposite index finger is solid royal blue.  I love being a female.

I encourage you to step and think outside of the box, try something you’ve been contemplating for a while.  It’s 2015, let’s make the most of it!  Until next time, Shauntay.

Originally posted on 1/2/15.  Note:  The hook has a latch attached to it – Michael’s – $3.97 +tax.  Marley hair –  local beauty supply store – $4.99 a pack. 

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