The Tresses are Back!!

Buen dia,

It’s with great pleasure to update you on the testing of my Grow Me (Oil) & Moisturize Me.  My hair has been in a protective style since September 30th making this past Tuesday 5 weeks.  I knew once I started this journey that my hair would grow, and I have almost an inch of growth!!  I’m clearly happy with the results because not only is she super soft, she is also getting thick which is what I want the most.  To see the resemblance, click here:
Growth after using Moisturize Me & Grow Me (Oil)

As you can see, I’m so ready to give my tresses some TLC, starting with a DIY deep conditioner.  I’ll be using a banana, avocado, honey, cream of coconut (Goya), and some oils.  I’ve never tried the cream of coconut, but I saw MahoganyKnots and her friend use it so I’m going to give it a try.  I decided to give it a try.  I’ll even record the making of the mixture for you guys.  : )

DIY Deep Conditioning Treatment

This fro has me feeling amazing and it’s getting so healthy!!  I’d like to leave you with a new hair growth method craze now – The Inversion Method.   I’ve never tried it, but I will since I massage Grow Me (Oil) into my scalp every couple days anyway.

Have you tried or used the inversion method?  Were there results?  Until next time…….Shauntay
Originally posted on 11/7/14

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