African Marley Queen

My fellow King & Queens,

While spending time with my mentor the day before my big move, I was blessed with these beautiful pieces.  An artist decided to make handmade jewelry out of his artwork.  This piece is for fertility, if you look closely you’ll see a pregnant woman meditating or doing yoga.  Yes, I’m in the childbirthing age so…….I’m not worried my king is on his way.  Hopefully….
I sometimes break out into song, and it definitely kicked in when I put these beautiful pieces on.  “You are my Africa Queen, girl of my dreams.”  One day my king will sing that to me at every chance he gets.  😍
My nephew even blessed us with his presence.  This little prince is such a bundle of joy and so active.  I love spending time with him and shaping that young mind with positivity and love.  He couldn’t keep his hands of my bracelet though, even tried to rip it off my wrist a few times.  He’s such a boy! 😩😂
To the moon and back, I love you my young prince.  Until next time loves…….Shauntay

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