How to Perfect Bantu Knots in 3 Steps

As promised, here is a before & after picture of my bantu knots.  I originally twisted my hair on Friday evening, and have been wearing it like that until today (Sunday).  However, as I started taking them out I realized my hair still wasn’t dry!  What else is new?  That’s one of the cons of having thick hair, and not wanting to sit under the dryer.  Instead of me separating the still damp roots, I just unraveled it and let it fall because I’ll be moisturizing it and knotting it back up tonight.

Let me tell you how I achieved my perfect bantu knots.

  • First, part and section the hair depending on how large you want the bantu knot to be.
  • Then, wet the hair (I use a refresher mix), apply Moisturize Me, and detangle.
  • Lastly, twist the hair from the root and continue to twist.  The hair will then start to wrap around itself creating the bantu knot look.  Tuck the ends in at the root.  (Optional: if your hair is short, a bobby or hair pin will suffice.
Bantu Knots

Stay tuned….Shauntay

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