Black & White with a Splash of Red

My Curlies,

When one has a great hair day, one must share!!  During my half dead stage, I couldn’t wash my hair which almost killed me in itself because my scalp was screaming for agua.   Intermittently, I wet my head in preparation to wash but was too weak to finish; this happened twice.  Once my strength came back, the tresses were ready to be washed.
I deviated from my normal routine for this wash.  I skipped the pre-poo stage because I didn’t want to leave my hair wet too long and risk catching pneumonia, then I forgot to purchase some deep conditioner.
Nevertheless, for the wash:

 I used Tresemme conditioner, Rhassoul clay, Neem & Apricot oil.  Babyyy, this mix felt heavenly!!
  1. I steamed with Cantu Leave In Repairing Cream, and styled using my very own Moisturize Me and a little Kinky Curly Custard Styling Gel for more definition.
  2. I flat twisted my bang and two strand box twisted the rest to prepare for a trim.
My hair stayed in this protective style for the week.  On Sunday, I was ready to see the final result.  I put a little Grow Me Oil on my hands, carefully unraveled the twists, and trimmed the ends.  I used a pick to lift my roots and topped it off with a black & white striped headband to fit my theme.  Quiet as kept, I have a little obsession with hair accessories.
Needless to say, I think she came out amazing.  I separated the twist at least once.  Sometimes some sections will separate a second time without losing its definition, but I don’t force it.  If my fingers don’t slide thru, I move on to the next.  Thanks to my $10 shirt, Power in One bracelet, and curls on deck this queen is feeling herself.
Especially with this pencil filter that shows my hard work paying off.  Until next time loves….let those curls flow….Shauntay

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