My Mohawk is Full of Color!

Hola mi amigos,

Today, I had the opportunity to be in a fashion show, and display my products to the public for the first time; the theme was Black & Gold.  I can’t express the gratitude, excitement, and nervousness that I’ve felt leading up to this moment.  At this event, I met some amazing people that were interested in hair management.  I can talk hair for hours just ask my family and friends; I love every moment but I know they tune me out after a while.

I chose the Mohawk again because my hair is a little longer, and the Mohawk can be very dramatic if you want.  I preferred the dramatics because it’s a fashion show!  Furthermore, it’s not often that I get the chance to be over the top.  After my normal wash regimen, I styled using Moisturize Me (White/Mango) & Grow Me (Oil).  Of course, my hair wasn’t completely dry when I untwisted, but I’m still so happy with the results!

Flat Twists
Twisted Mohawk

I love color!!!  However, I have no interest in putting permanent dye in my hair; my aunt always told us it’s so harsh on your hair.  Thank God there is something called hair chalk and henna!  I was excited to try it, because I knew that pop of color was just what I needed for the show.

1st Vendor Event

While my hair was in twists, I put on gloves and applied the chalk to the parts of the hair I wanted color.  It wasn’t just put on the ends; I also went up to the middle in some sections.  There is no right/wrong way to put on the chalk.  It depends on the person and where they want to put the color.  I think I have a new friend.

Thank you Ms. J for asking me to showcase my products, and model this dress.  I do love my stylist for getting me this dress, but I have taken too many pictures in it.  I don’t want people thinking this is the only dress I own.  lol.  Shout to the photographer for these awesome pictures.  Check him out at
Don’t ever give up on your dreams because I’m telling you, God will make room for your gift.  Until next time…..Shauntay
Note:  Splat (Sun Kissed) hair chalk bought at Target for $5.99.  Happy coloring!

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