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Hello my beautiful people,

To all my readers around the world, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read/follow my blog.  From the first timers to my die hards, thank you for supporting Naturals By Shauntay.  I never knew the feedback I would get with stepping out on faith and starting something new but God did, and for that I’m grateful.
Braid Out!

During the week, my hair is normally in a protective style.  One of my instructors always ask me when am I going to wear my hair out so she can see my curls; I’m too afraid to tell her I only let the lion loose on the weekend.  My hair was kept in these 4 braided cornrows styled using Moisturize Me for about a week.  Yeah, I noticed my braids weren’t straight but I wasn’t about to change it after my whole wash process so I rocked it anyway! My arms already felt like spaghetti noodles!!

The curls are loose Adriana!!  However, I’m still in search of that go-to protective style, but no worries I trying something new in a couple days for this weekend including a trim.  Until next time….. Shauntay

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