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My hair regimen is important to me, so I’m not going to let anything stop me from treating it.  My hair was still in box twists when did the oil rinse.  I started with wetting my hair, applied a mixture of oils, put on a shower cap and net, and wrapped it up.  The rinse was similar to a hot oil treatment and was left in for at least an hour (sometimes longer).  However, I was on a time schedule during this wash process, and leaving the house with a shower cap on is a NO NO in my book!  Hence, I opted to wear my turban to match my brown dress and no one knew what was underneath.  I love being a woman!
Pre-Poo Oil Rinse
Wash Process

Once I rinsed out the oil (top row), I then applied As I Am Cowash and worked it through like shampoo, then rinsed again (2nd row).  Next, I applied As I Am Hydration Elation for my deep conditioner (last row); washed that out and applied As I Am Leave In.  Note:  I always use cold water (as cold as I can stand).  I massaged Grow Me (Oil) throughout my scalp & hair, and styled using Moisturize Me (Shea).

Pin Curls

I love the way #MahoganyKnots twist, roll, and pin her hair!  Her styles are always so cute; I emulated her #Fishscale.  This was before she cut her hair.  Even though my styles don’t come out exactly like hers or anyones for that matter, I still try.  Styles vary in looks due to a variety of things such as:  hair texture, length, thickness, products, etc.  I’m so glad I tried because I think it came out very nice for our family portraits.  Until next time….Shauntay

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