Little Girl Flat Twist – Moisturize Me (Mango)

Bonswa (Hello),

Today, I had the pleasure of doing the hair of a 10 month old Haitian princess.  She is such a cutie pie, so when her parents asked me to her hair, I jumped at the opportunity.  She sat there like a big girl and didn’t even cry.  So many times people look at our natural hair, and think it’s nappy.  That is definitely NOT the case with natural hair.
Once you put liquid (I use Aloe Vera Juice & oils) to it, it softens right up.  I was able to run my fingers through her hair without a comb.  However, I did use a wide tooth comb because I wanted it fully detangled when I twisted.
I used:

  • My Aloe Vera Juice/Oil mix on freshly washed hair
  • Moisturize Me (Mango)
  • Metal Clips
She posed for 3 pictures but we only caught 2.  She did a front pose, then left & right; did I mention she’s only 10 months old.  A true diva like her mom.  Happy clients make my heart smile.  She even said TayTay.  : )   Until next time….Shauntay

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