How to Pre-Poo & Wash Hair

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I’m often asked how do I wash my hair since returning it to it’s natural state.  My answer, nothing has really changed in my washing process.  I still do hot oil treatments, but now I mostly pre poo my hair before washing, and have almost completely removed shampoo altogether.  Pre-poo literally means to pre treat your hair before shampooing.  Personally, I only use shampoo about 4 times a year; it strips my too much and I don’t like the feeling afterwards.  Besides, my products are all natural so I have very little buildup between washes.

Today is a wash day so I’ll be sharing the whole process through words and pictures for right now.  Being natural was a process for me mentally and emotionally, because making the choice was the easy part.  I’m still learning but I know how many new naturals feel when they don’t know what to use or do with their hair in the beginning.  Then, you buy a product and it doesn’t work the way you want but you use it anyway because you spent your money on it.  I don’t want to be a product junkie and neither do my pockets so I decided to start making my own natural products based on my hair needs.

Pre-Poo Hair
After Pre-Poo Rinse Out
As I Am Co Wash
After Rinsing out Deep Conditioner

Here are some pictures of my wash process.   My Pre-Poo mixture is w/coconut oil, tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil.  My scalp gets very itchy & flaky if I don’t wash it every week, but importing this step is really helping my scalp and prolonging my hairstyles.  However, I don’t use shampoo at all because my hair doesn’t agree with it, even if it is sulfate free shampoo.  I listen to her.

To pre-poo – I wet my hair like I would if I was getting ready to wash it, and massage oils throughout my scalp and hair by sections (usually 4 or 5).  I then put on a plastic cap and leave it in overnight.  This particular oil combination was a first but it made my scalp feel amazing!  That may be my go to mixture for pre-poo from now on.

I rinsed the oils out and then co-washed with AsIam Coconut Co-wash.  Co-Wash is washing your mane using conditioner instead of shampoo.  I absolutely love this co-wash, and its inexpensive.  Besides rinsing my hair once a month with an apple cider vinegar & water mix to rid my hair of build up, I only co-wash.  It makes my hair feel so moisturized and light (if that makes sense).  I usually co-wash my hair once a week but I stretched it to almost 2 weeks this time and my scalp was on fire.

I then deep conditioned with TheManeChoice Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask.  I try to deep condition my hair once a week.  Do you see how moisturized and shiny my hair is in the top left picture?  I still need to clip some ends on both sides though.  The best thing to do for your hair is getting it into a routine.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  I finished with AsIam Leave In Conditioner.  I’m not in love with this conditioner, but I’m going to use it because I bought it.  Who has money to waste, not me?  I then added my moisturizer mix, and twisted medium sections.  This is how I stretch my hair as it dries.  I’ll post pictures of the twists, twist out, and new hairstyle flat twists soon.  That shine was on point!
Until next time……Shauntay


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