Twist Out Queen

My curlies,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer if that’s the season you’re in.  It’s pretty warm where I am, and my swimming plan is to take full advantage of the heat.  Hence the pinned twists as a protective style.  Last week after my wash, I put my hair in about 10 small/medium twist placing perm rods (pink or white) on the ends for a nice curl.
To style, the products used were:

  • The Mane Choice Leave In
  • Moisturize Me
  • Two Strand twisted each section with perm rods on the ends
  • The next day I replaced the perm rods with hair pins

4 days later I refreshed each section with my DIY mixture consisting of distilled water, peppermint & tea tree oil.  I then massaged some Grow Me (Oil) to each section, and twisted then I rodded the ends again.

Until next time Curlies……Shauntay

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