Why I Use Moisturize Me

Buenos Dias,

Recently, I tried a new mixture on a protective style which is how my hair stays most of the time, because us naturals know that once you let her loose, it gets real, lol.  If I could pineapple my hair my twist-outs would last much longer, but I can’t so I don’t.  I am contemplating getting a weave though, or Marley twists to give my hair a break.  We will see but for now, twists it is!
2 Strand Twists

I wasn’t sure if she’d make the cut, but after refreshing my hair 3 times within 8 days, I think she’s here to stay.  To maintain this style, I used:

  • AVJ/Oil mix to wet my scalp and spritz my twists
  • Grow Me (Oil) was massaged into my scalp, rubbed over head, and on put on ends
  • Moisturize Me (White/Mango) sealed my ends

I took the pin curls down and my hair is still shining and moisturized; they’ll either stay like this or I may untwist them before wash day.  Moisturize Me (White/Mango & Mango) works great on curly girl styles.  When and if I straighten my hair, I’ll use the Moisturize Me (Shea) mix.

Update: I took my box twists out after it being in for almost 2 weeks.  You can clearly see the shine, and it’s still moisturized and soft.

Official Length Check.  I did a measurement from right/left (in front of ear), right/left (behind ear), and the front.  My hair is different lengths which is fine with me for now, because I want/need for my hair to get thick, especially on the left side.  I try to use minimal manipulation and keep it pin curled.
I’m always going to try something new, because I believe I can always do it better.  Until next time…..Shauntay

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