Shauntay White


I’m a Business Major who’s launching her own line of natural products including, but not limited to a hair care line and body butters (Naturals By Shauntay). I love to laugh, travel, explore, and enjoy life because it can get hard at times so I’ve learned to celebrate every accomplishment and happy moment. Life is too short not to. Normally, I’m a private person but God is giving me an awesome testimony so I’m going to be obedient and share. Share my story, my hair journey, my products, and my love for hair. You know, if used properly social media is an awesome way to keep people together and connected. The natural community is huge now in social media, and we’re showing everyone that it’s not a fad, it’s a MOVEMENT! Everything is at our fingertips; this is the part of the web that I love. My goal & objective – is for all of us to have beautiful hair & skin together at an affordable price!

Naturals By Shauntay


Naturals By Shauntay is a group of products ranging from a natural hair care line to body butters and more. Quality products enriched with organic & natural ingredients hand-made by Shauntay herself. I began to make my own hair products as an effort to rescue my pockets and help my hair. The products I bought weren’t cheap and they worked that day, but they didn’t hold the shine or moisture the way I wanted. I was tired of trying the “new” product. My pockets didn’t have time for that. I LOVE my hair, always have always will and ‘doing the natural thing’ meant having the right products because I didn’t know what to do. I became frustrated until I did some research, started mixing, and here we are. Shauntay!

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